Balin Super Leash

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This leash is a true original. The Super has been relied on and trusted by surfers for decades. The design has been tweaked and modified to provide the ultimate in strength, comfort, durability and importantly, value for money.

Used by most surfers at home at their local breaks in most conditions. If you want a stronger or lighter leash then look to our other models.


  • 7.0mm Poly Urethane at the correct hardness for stretch and strength
  • Unique swivel housing moulds use our unique
    bonding technology to keep the components as light and as strong as possible.
  • 2 x Stainless swivels
  • Non-bulky neoprene ankle pads
  • High grade hook and loop grip tape for secure ankle attachment
  • Tail saver design gives double rope attachment as close to the plug as possible
Balin Super Leash